The driving force in my life is my son, Anson.  It is so important to me to help him see that helping people live a happy healthy lifestyle is a key to life. My father passed away after a long struggle with Multiple Sclerosis.  His battle and the bond that my family created because of it is the cornerstone why I will always work my hardest to help people get to a place that they want to be. I train and help rehabilitate people with my father and my son in my heart.

Meet Brent

To make the most out of being active and preventing injuries, Brent’s fascination of improving and conditioning his body led him into a training career for the past 20 years. A Minnesota native, Brent Tollar relocated to Colorado for an outdoor lifestyle about 25 years ago. Brought up to work hard, take initiative and responsibility and make the world a better place, Brent’s focus is to help every person benefit from a healthy lifestyle.


  • ACE-american council of exercise
  • NASM functional movement and injury prevention specialist
  • ACE-Dietary/Weightloss Specialist
  • TRX Functional Training
  • USA Hockey Level 4 Coach
  • USA Hockey Certified Coaching Instructor
  • Adaptive Sports Certified